"The Best Rock Shop in Sedona!" Our goal is to bring you the best products and provide you with the best care.

About Us

A little bit of history
We opened our first store in Sedona in 1992. At first we operated in a fairly small and modest location, but thanks to our dear customers and friends we were able to grow the store and later open other locations in the city. Thanks to the combined efforts of our employees, today we have three stores dedicated to our passion, plus a coffee and now a gelato shop. Today, just like in 1992, we continue our work to bring you only the finest products from around the world.

Our Company

  • Vision: To be the most specialized company in rock and mineral products, as well as to continue providing the best service to our clients and friends.
  • Mission: Bring the best gems from around the world to your homes.
  • Values Honesty Commitment Quality of service

More about us

We have three stores in town where you can find the best variety in products. Our staff is ready to help you. Our stores reflect our passion for rare and beatiful goods. Also, our staff provides: Intuitive guidance, energy and shamanic healing, sound healing, chakra balance, self healing techniques and shamanic vortex journeys.